What is Addiction

Addiction is a term used to describe a physical, psychological and or emotional dependency on a particular substance, act, ritual or behaviour. Addiction presents in many different forms, the most common of which is the dependency on illicit or prescribed drugs, alcohol and tobacco. There are many other types of addiction for example: gambling, sex and pornography, addiction to work, shopping, food, sugar, sport, caffeine, online gaming and social media etc. Addiction roots are located predominantly in stress and anxiety disorders, and addictive behaviours serve as a temporary relief to these symptoms.

Addiction can develop quickly or over a long period of time, behaviour becomes ‘compulsive’ and as the addictive behaviour is repeated. The person loses control and the ability to stop when they had planned or need to. The substance or behaviour begins to control and manipulate the persons life. People are often referred to as being an ‘addict’ and having an ‘addiction’ once this pattern of behaviour has taken root. In its most chronic state, the addicts’ main purpose, function and desire is to ‘feed’ the addiction, this behaviour is often referred to as ‘using’. This cultivates an endless cycle of unhealthy behaviour. This behaviour triggers an over whelming sense to ‘use more, more frequently’ in order to feel satisfied. This ‘using’ behaviour becomes the only means of pleasure or ‘escape’ for the addict.

Eventually addiction causes an often-devastating impact on all areas of life, such as chronic health conditions, even death, poor social engagement, isolation, work problems, family and relationship break down, a chaotic lifestyle, debt or financial problems begin take root. Biologically, addiction disrupts the central nervous system, and ‘high jacks’ the primary reward circuit inherent in all human beings. Addicts will ‘crave’ until they can ‘fix’ the desire with more and more of the substance or activity in order to feel ‘OK’ or satisfied.

How RECORE treats addiction

At RECORE we use a holistic and person centred treatment method for ‘recovery’ from addiction. Our programmes incorporate a combination of talking therapies, complimentary therapies and medical treatments. Together these treatments build a programme to help you identify and explore the underlying ‘causes’ of the addiction; we enable you to connect with and address difficulties and teach you the necessary skills required to change the addictive behaviour. We call this method of treatment ‘a prescription for life’.

RECORE programmes do not only work to heal or mend the presenting symptom or problems, we endeavour to provide you with a lasting change in behaviour in order to overcome the unhealthy addictive behaviour patterns and replace this with healthier patterns of behaviour. We begin by asking you to be ‘curious’ about what brought you to this point in your life, we then help you to explore and find solutions to both identify the underlying and presenting problems, this method is proven to lead to lifelong positive change.

We treat alcoholism, nicotine addiction, drug addiction, medication addiction, sex and love addiction, pathological gambling, food addiction, shopping addiction, internet and media addiction and other forms of addiction.



We ask you to think about the Pro’s and Cons to ‘using’?

What do I achieve from using?

What does ‘using’ take away in my life?

Why do I need to ‘use’ in order to feel good?

How do I feel before, during and after ‘using’?

How do I feel when I do not ‘use’?

When did this behaviour begin? What was going on in my life?

Do I know how I feel; am I ‘happy’ and content with my life and myself?

Do I feel like I become a different person when I use?

Is my ‘using’ having a harmful impact on my health, relationships, family, work, finance and lifestyle?


  • Two treatment facilities in highly exclusive environments in Kusnacht and Braunwald, Switzerland
  • Treating the complexity of a client’s underlying issues and not just the symptoms
  • A bespoke and holistic treatment approach encompassing mind, body and life
  • A Team of Expert Health Care Professionals, in the fields of medicine, psychotherapy, psychiatry including Expert Trauma Psychotherapist Dr. Peter Levine
  • A combination of 1 to 1 and a small group therapeutic community
  • A combination of the most effective aspects of general and alternative medicine
  • An exclusive hospitality ensuring privacy and confidentiality with utmost attention to details
  • A service which recognises the importance of Client confidentiality and privacy

Admission Process

1 step

Send admission request form

2 step

Arrange phone assessment

3 step

Define treatment

4 step

Admission day with diagnostics


We support families with interventions world wide

At Recore, we understand that often the real work is needed at home. It is normal to feel calm and collected during meditation but easily angered by our own family. We can help you to address your upbringing and family life. Through deep exploration of the needs of the individuals and the family collective, you will learn new skills to help improve relationships. We offer intensive family therapy, group discussions and various workshops, helping each individual relearn how to listen and respond without judgement, opening up new avenues for communication.

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