What is chronic fatigue

Chronic fatigue syndrome, or CFS for short, is a disease that is often not well-defined and whose main symptom is debilitating mental and physical fatigue. It is a complex illness affecting the brain and multiple body systems and defined by incapacitating fatigue that is not relieved by rest, and at least four of the following symptoms for at least six months:

  • impaired short-term memory of concentration which significantly affects normal activities
  • sore throat
  • tender lymph nodes in the neck or underarms
  • muscle pain
  • pain in multiple joints with no joint swelling or redness
  • headaches of a new type or severity
  • unrefreshing sleep
  • general malaise following physical exertion that lasts more than 24 hours

Other common symptoms include: bloating, nausea, diarrhea, night sweats or chills, brain fogginess, dizziness, shortness of breath, chronic cough, visual disturbances, allergies or sensitivities to foods, alcohol, chemicals, irregular heartbeat or palpitations, jaw pain, or eyes or mouth. That is why CFS belongs to what is called multi system illness. There is no single reason for the CFS but multi system failures. Many patients are responsible for a chronic viral infection, influence of toxic metals, lack of important micronutrients, mitochondrial dysfunction and a dysbalance of neurotransmitters and the vegetative nervous system are all important possible reasons we have to address.

How do we treat chronic fatigue

At recore we seek to explain the reason for fatigue to begin with, and from these types of investigations, figure out precisely how to stop the problem at its root cause. We aren’t interested in masking symptoms but in finding cures.  A holistic approach for treating chronic fatigue syndrome patients is the best solution available today as it takes into account the entire body and mental health of each patient in a way that works for them individually. For the treatmend we use individually combined treatments with plants, nutrition, orthomolecular medicine, physical and psychological advise and training and much more.

As in many cases the chronic fatigue syndrome is related to chronic stress we focus on a very special goal, the adrenal gland: The adrenals are a pair of pea-sized glands located atop each kidney. They release certain hormones that allow us to be able to deal with immediate and long term stress. These glands and the hormones they release enable us to be resilient to stress.   Under-active adrenal glands are evident in about two-thirds of CFS patients. They have literally burned out their stress-coping gland. Amid years of poor sleep, unrelenting fatigue, chronic pain, excessive stimulants, poor diet, and relying on a plethora of prescription medications, the adrenal glands and the hormones they release have been used up.

Once adrenal exhaustion sets in, it’s not long before the body begins to break down. Getting “stressed out” and staying “stressed out” is the beginning of chronic illness. Another very important treatment is called: Detoxification Removing toxins from the body is an essential phase in restoring their patients to health and vitality. Every year people are exposed to thousands of toxic chemicals and pollutants in air, water, food and soil. People living today carry within their bodies a “chemical cocktail” made up of industrial chemicals, pesticides, food additives, heavy metals, general anesthetics and the residue of conventional medications. Detoxifying the body is necessary in promoting the health of the immune system and addressing other factors that may be contributing to the CFS. As our environment and food are increasingly saturated with chemicals, the body’s mechanisms for elimination of toxins cannot keep up with the chemical deluge.

The constant circulation of toxins in the body taxes the immune system, which must continually strive to destroy them. When combined with multiple infections and nutritional deficiencies, this toxic overload may be the proverbial last straw in the development of CFS. Given that many people with CFS have chemical allergies it is advisable to take measures to remove the toxins stored in the body. There are many different ways to rid the body of toxins. The most important thing to remember is that cleansing the liver is the key. The liver is the main filter of the body; therefore everything that enters the body must be processed by the liver. Other organs of elimination that also need cleansing are the kidneys, lungs, skin, lymphatic system and the blood. At recore the whole team will help you to get rid of all incriminating facts and lead you to a new and encouraging life.

Why Choose Us

  • Two treatment facilities in highly exclusive environments in Kusnacht and Braunwald, Switzerland
  • Treating the complexity of a client’s underlying issues and not just the symptoms
  • A bespoke and holistic treatment approach encompassing mind, body and life
  • A Team of Expert Health Care Professionals, in the fields of medicine, psychotherapy, psychiatry including Expert Trauma Psychotherapist Dr. Peter Levine
  • A combination of 1 to 1 and a small group therapeutic community
  • A combination of the most effective aspects of general and alternative medicine
  • An exclusive hospitality ensuring privacy and confidentiality with utmost attention to details
  • A service which recognises the importance of Client confidentiality and privacy

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Family & Interventions

We support families with interventions world wide

At Recore, we understand that often the real work is needed at home. It is normal to feel calm and collected during meditation but easily angered by our own family. We can help you to address your upbringing and family life. Through deep exploration of the needs of the individuals and the family collective, you will learn new skills to help improve relationships. We offer intensive family therapy, group discussions and various workshops, helping each individual relearn how to listen and respond without judgement, opening up new avenues for communication.

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