Depression is a mental health disorder and can be set off by a range of triggers. This includes physical illness, trauma, an experience dating back to early childhood, bereavement, family issues, lifestyle and other life-changing events. Depression should not be confused with sadness, as depression is a prolonged illness that results in a lack motivation, and a continuous low ‘depressed’ mood, it can be a very debilitating illness.

As with all disorders, depression can affect anyone, from any walk of life, cultural or social background, for example, people who seem to have everything going for them and all aspects of their lives on the surface appear perfect, however within them is a ‘void’ of emptiness and constant sadness is experienced. Depression cannot be helped by being told to ‘cheer up’ it is a medical condition, which requires understanding and empathy and often medical and therapeutic intervention. The good news is depression can be treated, in the short term with prescribed medication and rest may be all that is needed, but for lasting change depression needs deeper exploration and responds successfully to counselling and psychotherapy. Many ‘symptoms’ can be identified when someone is depressed and recognising these symptoms sooner means help can be sought sooner.

Symptoms of depression include;

  • excessive sleeping or not being able to sleep at all,
  • no energy or motivation,
  • isolating, over or under eating,
  • loss of libido,
  • drinking excessive alcohol or taking other drugs,
  • crying a lot,
  • having a low self-worth,
  • low self-esteem,
  • feeling like there is no point or purpose in life,
  • feeling empty in side,
  • not wanting to live,
  • having suicidal thoughts

Sometimes people can ‘appear’ happy on the outside and ‘wear’ a mask in front of others, but when alone the above symptoms are present.

How RECORE treats mood disorders & depression

At RECORE we use a holistic and person-centred treatment method to help you recover from depression and live life in a more harmonious way. Our programmes incorporate a combination of talking therapies, medical treatments and complimentary therapies to help relax and heal your body and mind from the effects of depression; our treatments are tailored specifically to help you to identify where, why and how depression has developed in your life and help you learn new skills that will enable you to make a full recovery and prevent a reoccurrence of depression.

We will explore the impact feeling depressed is having on your life and how ‘your belief system and life style’ relates to your health and wellbeing. By exploring your ‘belief’ system and life style our treatments at RECORE will provide you with necessary skills required to change unhealthy or harmful behaviour and beliefs that may have developed. At RECORE rest, relaxation, healthy nutrition and enjoyment and fun will be a healing part of your treatment for depression. We call this method of treatment a prescription for life. RECORE programmes work at teaching you new life changing skills that help to build resilience, enable you to take better care of yourself and teach you how to balance life while incorporate a healthier life pattern.

Why Choose Us

  • Two treatment facilities in highly exclusive environments in Kusnacht and Braunwald, Switzerland
  • Treating the complexity of a client’s underlying issues and not just the symptoms
  • A bespoke and holistic treatment approach encompassing mind, body and life
  • A Team of Expert Health Care Professionals, in the fields of medicine, psychotherapy, psychiatry including Expert Trauma Psychotherapist Dr. Peter Levine
  • A combination of 1 to 1 and a small group therapeutic community
  • A combination of the most effective aspects of general and alternative medicine
  • An exclusive hospitality ensuring privacy and confidentiality with utmost attention to details
  • A service which recognises the importance of Client confidentiality and privacy


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Family & Interventions

We support families with interventions world wide

At Recore, we understand that often the real work is needed at home. It is normal to feel calm and collected during meditation but easily angered by our own family. We can help you to address your upbringing and family life. Through deep exploration of the needs of the individuals and the family collective, you will learn new skills to help improve relationships. We offer intensive family therapy, group discussions and various workshops, helping each individual relearn how to listen and respond without judgement, opening up new avenues for communication.

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