The treatments costs

An average stay is between 4 – 6 weeks. Our weekly fee includes all services. The fee includes all therapeutic services, a medical check-up, detox at a hospital if required, a 24h live-in case manager, 24h medical supervision, micronutrition supplements, as well as limousine transportation, housing, meals, butler, concierge and housekeeping services, leisure activities, etc.

Not included in our rates are medical treatments or emergencies that are not related to the main treatment. We can organise and manage such treatments and provide you with a separate cost estimate. We also can organize for our clients significant additional requests, e.g. housing and transportation for their entourage or leisure activities for their family and friends, we need to charge for the additional expenses incurred. However, all such additional costs are normally identified and can be communicated beforehand.

All our residential treatment programs rates start from CHF 75’000 (EUR 63’000 / USD 75’000) per person per week.

Our Biomolecular Detox programs rates are:

  • Bio-D 3-days Rapid Detox – from CHF 25’000 / EUR 21’000 / USD 26’000 )
  • Bio-D 7-days Intensive Detox – from CHF 50’000 / EUR 42’000 / USD 51’000)
  • Bio-D 14-days Extensive Detox – from CHF 100’000/ EUR 84’000 / USD 101’000)

Aftercare, out-patient treatment and ongoing support are possible and calculated individually. Please contact us for further details.